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How Marijuana Deals with Anxiety

24 Apr 19
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How Marijuana Deals with Anxiety

Although one may implicate anxiety as an adverse symptom of marijuana use, some users who used to buy marijuana online have reported that it is indeed an anxiety reliever. In fact, there are several recent anecdotal and scientific reports of the drug creating a calming experience and relieving the symptoms of anxiety temporarily for various people. A person with an anxiety disorder should avoid self-medication with recreational weed because the related health effects could be adverse. Thus, it is critical to understand how marijuana deals with anxiety to avoid experiencing even severe symptoms after using marijuana for medical purposes.

Marijuana has two natural compounds: CBD (cannabidiol) and TCH (Tetrahydrocannabinol). These two compounds are capable of becoming the cause or the solution to anxiety. A 2011 study established that THC is more of a psychoactive compound and thus is present in recreational marijuana. THC is well known as a trigger of the amygdala part of the human brain that is responsible for fear causing paranoia or even anxiety. Thus, most of the time, it is wise to select marijuana with high CBD concentrations for a medical purpose. CBD has no psychoactive elements. As a result, it is popular for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and a few THC effects such as euphoria. However, note that both these compounds have medical benefits that if used together can be effective in relieving anxiety.

From a general perspective, the CBD and THC levels should not exceed 4% and 20% respectively as these are high. A person who becomes paranoid when they use marijuana should find a strain with higher concentration levels of CBD and lower levels for THC. With technological advancements, it is simpler to find marijuana dispensary in Hamilton or another city that relieves anxiety with the correct CBD and THC levels.