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7 Tips for Better Resumes and Cover Letters

09 Aug 19
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Resumes and cover letters are part of your “brand”. Having a resume that gets the correct kind of attention from the person looking at it will be a great outcome. With a good “brand” selling yourself—which what applying for a job essentially is—would be a whole lot easier.

SO here are a few things that can definitely help you out when you are making a resume and a cover letter.

Creating Interesting Resumes


Before applying for a certain job, it is best that you conduct a little bit of research. Look for some clues about what the company or corporation does. Find out what the industry is like.

After your research, you can then begin making your resume. To make it more eye-catching, include certain keywords based on what the company is looking for. It can be a little bit of industry jargon, if possible. But of course, don’t just put in words that you don’t understand. That’s what the research is about.  Look for keywords you can use on the “Requirements” or “Qualifications” section of job postings.


Choosing the typeface or font of your resume is extremely important. You want something that’s easy to read and clear. Using fancy fonts might catch their attention but it can also distract the person reading it. Try to use simple fonts without serifs. Fonts like Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri are good bets. If you want to highlight some things or sections of your resume, try to change the color or make them bold, or both.

Font size is also important. Keep the size uniform throughout the resume. Font sizes between 10 to 12 work best. This also has an added effect of reducing whitespace to a minimum. Whitespace may distract the reader causing them to skip some parts of it.


Resumes are full of information. But not all the information about you are relevant to the job. So only include relevant information. Another thing you can do is to put the most important information first. For example, it is best to indicate your work experience before your educational attainments.


Another great way to get the reader’s attention is to include a list of some of your achievements. This is a good way of compartmentalizing information about your previous work experience. Instead of putting all of your achievements and duties in the experience section, you can put them in a separate one.

Writing Better Cover Letters


Writing a cover letter is a formal way to introduce yourself to the job you’re applying into. Not all job postings require one, but it is best to make one anyway.

So, for you to be able to write a cover letter that can impress the company, you have to do a bit of research. This time, instead of the company as a whole, look for people in the company. You can check out their website to get this information. This is to address your letter to the correct person, instead of using generic greetings like, “To whom it may concern.” This is a great way of personalizing the letter for the job you’re applying for.

In the first paragraph of the letter, put in what position you’re applying for and how you learned of the opening. Include basic information about yourself in this paragraph as well.


On the second paragraph is where you sell yourself. How can you sell yourself? Well you can include all the experience you have. Write about your skills and abilities. Relate these experiences, skills and abilities to how you can apply them to the job you’re applying for.


The last part of your cover letter can help convey the kind of person you are. Don’t forget to thank them and inform them that you really want the job. This is a bit trick because you don’t want to sound pushy, but it is important that you have conviction. End the paragraph with a memorable sign-off.


Writing a cover letter and a resume can be a bit difficult, especially if you have no work experience. Having a good, eye catching resume is a big plus for your application. The same goes for a great cover letter.

What you can do to make sure that this happens is to use professional resume and cover letter writing services. These services can be found online and a simple Google search will yield great ones that can help you out.

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