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7 Tips for Better Resumes and Cover Letters

09 Aug 19
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Resumes and cover letters are part of your “brand”. Having a resume that gets the correct kind of attention from the person looking at it will be a great outcome. With a good “brand” selling yourself—which what applying for a job essentially is—would be a whole lot easier.

SO here are a few things that can definitely help you out when you are making a resume and a cover letter.

Creating Interesting Resumes


Before applying for a certain job, it is best that you conduct a little bit of research. Look for some clues about what the company or corporation does. Find out what the industry is like.

After your research, you can then begin making your resume. To make it more eye-catching, include certain keywords based on what the company is looking for. It can be a little bit of industry jargon, if possible. But of course, don’t just put in words that you don’t understand. That’s what the research is about.  Look for keywords you can use on the “Requirements” or “Qualifications” section of job postings.


Choosing the typeface or font of your resume is extremely important. You want something that’s easy to read and clear. Using fancy fonts might catch their attention but it can also distract the person reading it. Try to use simple fonts without serifs. Fonts like Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri are good bets. If you want to highlight some things or sections of your resume, try to change the color or make them bold, or both.

Font size is also important. Keep the size uniform throughout the resume. Font sizes between 10 to 12 work best. This also has an added effect of reducing whitespace to a minimum. Whitespace may distract the reader causing them to skip some parts of it.


Resumes are full of information. But not all the information about you are relevant to the job. So only include relevant information. Another thing you can do is to put the most important information first. For example, it is best to indicate your work experience before your educational attainments.


Another great way to get the reader’s attention is to include a list of some of your achievements. This is a good way of compartmentalizing information about your previous work experience. Instead of putting all of your achievements and duties in the experience section, you can put them in a separate one.

Writing Better Cover Letters


Writing a cover letter is a formal way to introduce yourself to the job you’re applying into. Not all job postings require one, but it is best to make one anyway.

So, for you to be able to write a cover letter that can impress the company, you have to do a bit of research. This time, instead of the company as a whole, look for people in the company. You can check out their website to get this information. This is to address your letter to the correct person, instead of using generic greetings like, “To whom it may concern.” This is a great way of personalizing the letter for the job you’re applying for.

In the first paragraph of the letter, put in what position you’re applying for and how you learned of the opening. Include basic information about yourself in this paragraph as well.


On the second paragraph is where you sell yourself. How can you sell yourself? Well you can include all the experience you have. Write about your skills and abilities. Relate these experiences, skills and abilities to how you can apply them to the job you’re applying for.


The last part of your cover letter can help convey the kind of person you are. Don’t forget to thank them and inform them that you really want the job. This is a bit trick because you don’t want to sound pushy, but it is important that you have conviction. End the paragraph with a memorable sign-off.


Writing a cover letter and a resume can be a bit difficult, especially if you have no work experience. Having a good, eye catching resume is a big plus for your application. The same goes for a great cover letter.

What you can do to make sure that this happens is to use professional resume and cover letter writing services. These services can be found online and a simple Google search will yield great ones that can help you out.

How Marijuana Deals with Anxiety

24 Apr 19
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How Marijuana Deals with Anxiety

Although one may implicate anxiety as an adverse symptom of marijuana use, some users who used to buy marijuana online have reported that it is indeed an anxiety reliever. In fact, there are several recent anecdotal and scientific reports of the drug creating a calming experience and relieving the symptoms of anxiety temporarily for various people. A person with an anxiety disorder should avoid self-medication with recreational weed because the related health effects could be adverse. Thus, it is critical to understand how marijuana deals with anxiety to avoid experiencing even severe symptoms after using marijuana for medical purposes.

Marijuana has two natural compounds: CBD (cannabidiol) and TCH (Tetrahydrocannabinol). These two compounds are capable of becoming the cause or the solution to anxiety. A 2011 study established that THC is more of a psychoactive compound and thus is present in recreational marijuana. THC is well known as a trigger of the amygdala part of the human brain that is responsible for fear causing paranoia or even anxiety. Thus, most of the time, it is wise to select marijuana with high CBD concentrations for a medical purpose. CBD has no psychoactive elements. As a result, it is popular for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and a few THC effects such as euphoria. However, note that both these compounds have medical benefits that if used together can be effective in relieving anxiety.

From a general perspective, the CBD and THC levels should not exceed 4% and 20% respectively as these are high. A person who becomes paranoid when they use marijuana should find a strain with higher concentration levels of CBD and lower levels for THC. With technological advancements, it is simpler to find marijuana dispensary in Hamilton or another city that relieves anxiety with the correct CBD and THC levels.

Affordable Custom Essay Papers

Affordable Custom Essay Papers

05 Mar 19
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Students have become aware of the need to submit assignments of the highest quality possible. The final goal is graduation which mandates students to deliver neatly written essays, research papers and other tasks on time. Hence, for students to identify a custom paper writing service is one of the most important academic goals. Our essay writing agency seeks to assist students with various papers at affordable prices. We exist to help you to actualize your educational goals.

Our Team

We recognize the essence of delivering high-quality jobs. We do not compromise on quality which is the reason we hire masters and Ph.D. writers from USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. The hiring process requires potential writers to submit proof of their academic qualifications. The candidates then submit a task on a particular topic under time pressure. The text should be 100% free of plagiarism. We also consider the formatting where the candidate should format the paper according to the specified style (e.g., Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.). We eventually evaluate the work to determine the suitability of the candidate.

Importance of Using Our Services

You can place an order on any field, and you can be sure our experienced writers will work on it. Our custom essay service exists to meet your requirements. We offer our clients the following services:

More than 250 writers

We have a strong team comprising more than 250 writers which assures you that you will get the most suitable writer. The writers take time to understand the requirements before working on it.

Diverse disciplines

We have a team of diverse writers which allows us to write essays in various disciplines. We are capable of tackling high school assignments to Ph.D. dissertations. Whatever the academic level, you can be assured that you will get the highest quality.

Original and authentic content

We recognize that plagiarism is a serious academic offense. As a result, we develop each paper from scratch. We use anti-plagiarism software to ensure the document does not match another one.

Time management

Violating deadlines can cost students their grades. We are aware of the need to deliver your assignment on time. No matter the strict deadline, our writers will deliver the job as required.

Excellent customer support

Once you place an order, you become part of the writing process. Our customer support is available 24/7 to enable you to know the progress of your paper. You can get in touch with us, and we are always happy to assist our clients.

Affordable prices

Our custom essay writing help is friendly to students. We know that students have limited resources yet they need high-quality essay writing services. We have flexible plans to enable you to afford our services.

Trust Us with Your Assignment

CustomEssayOrder is a custom essay writing website that guarantees you value for your money. We have worked on numerous assignments which have earned us a good reputation as the best custom paper writing service. We believe in your privacy; hence we do not disclose your details to unauthorized third parties. Our payment systems are secure which prevents you from losing your money. In case you want some changes on a paper, we offer revisions free of charge. Where you are still not satisfied with a paper, we refund the money back.

How Our Service Works

We have designed a user-friendly website to enhance your user experience. Our site is easy to navigate which enables you to fill the description form for your assignments within minutes. You can follow the following steps

  1. Fill a form order to allow us to get information about the assignment’s requirements.
  2. We review the assignment and allocate the most suitable writers. We ensure that the writers are qualified to handle the discipline.
  3. In case we need more information, we will contact you.
  4. The writing of the paper commences when we are satisfied that we have all the details needed.
  5. We cross-check the paper to ensure it is 100% free of plagiarism. Editing and formatting take place at this stage to ensure the task meets the desired standards.
  6. We submit the final paper to you for review. In case you are not satisfied, you send your comments so that our writers can make the necessary changes.

Once you realize that you need assistance, ahead and place an order with us. Orders with an extended deadline will cost you less compared to when you place one during the last minutes. Ensure that you furnish us with as many details as possible to enable our writers to meet all the required specifications. As a reliable essay writing service, we appreciate clients who get in touch to know the progress of their work. You can request a draft to monitor the progress of the assignment and work with the writer to make it better. Working with you through the process allows us to meet your writing style and customize the paper according to the requirements of your instructor.

Why choose our one of leaders paper writing service?

Why choose our one of leaders paper writing service?

25 Feb 19
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Our services offer fulltime customer support services. Therefore, you can log in at any time and still get the help that you need. They are also neutral in solving disputes, and you should not worry about losing money for an order that was not done to your satisfaction. They also guide you on how to place an order and the modes of payment. Besides, our site is easy to maneuver and therefore, you can buy cheap papers at any given time.

We also offer security and confidentiality whenever you place an order. In the situation whereby you have not been satisfied by the order provided, we guarantee a total refund for your money. However, our experts are qualified in working or projects from different fields of study and, hence, there are very few chances that you will not be satisfied by the order provided. We also offer a chance for you to make revision requests as many times as possible until you are fully satisfied with what the writer has provided. To ensure that you get the best order possible, it is important to provide precise details as possible so that the writer can have all the details necessary for writing a good quality paper. Therefore, opt to buy paper online and save yourself some time to study for the final exams.

Paper service review

give this service a try. I went on a trip and forgot that I had an upcoming deadline only to remember when the paper was two hours to the deadline. A friend recommended this service, I placed an order, and my paper was done on time. Also, the paper was original and free from grammar and spelling mistakes. I would use this service any time of the day.


University of Manchester

I have been struggling a lot to balance my class life and the extra curriculum activities within the college. This leaves me with less time to handle all my assignments. I ordered an argumentative essay on this service, and I can say that the pros and cons were clearly written. Actually, if I had done it by myself, I don’t think I could have managed to write paper for me such a good quality paper. Therefore, I would use this service again for other class projects. It is the best essay writing service.


Michigan University

I once wanted to write a narrative essay. I placed an order on a particular essay writing service, and I did not get any feedback long after the deadline had elapsed. A friend recommended this service, and I placed an order. The narrative essay was delivered even before the deadline elapsed. I was very happy about this service, and I recommend that you give it a try. It was worth my money.


The University of Manchester.

Our service has received the best reviews from our clients and this is an indication that our services are worth spending on. Therefore, make an effort of placing your order today, and you will have begun your journey of boosting your grades as you create time to study for the final exams. Projects with, long deadlines are cheaper as compared to last minute orders. Plan your time well, and you will be guaranteed of a good quality essay. Placing an order o time provides you with extra time to review the essay and request adjustments whenever necessary. Our experts have dealt with a lot of clients, and therefore, this has made it easy for them to interact with the clients and be able to identify the exact requirements that they need for the essay.

Benefits of essay writing service

Benefits of essay writing service

Our essay writing service provides the customers with a cheap service which in turn, guarantees the client a good quality paper. Our experts have been writing essays on the different fields of study for a long period of time and, therefore, they already have experience in writing the best essay people. we also offer services according to the different levels of schooling to ensure that our clients get the necessary help. A master’s thesis would be very different from a high school paper. The customer needs to correctly indicate their level of schooling to ensure that they get the best paper possible.

As well, the essay writing service saves the student the rush of dealing with short deadlines. College life is characterized by plenty of activities that might be overwhelming for the student. Students find themselves in situations whereby they have forgotten about upcoming deadlines only to remember them when the due time is almost. Also, they have to save time to study for their final exams. It turns out to be difficult for a student to manage all the deadlines, study for the final exams and still have time to participate in extra curriculum activities. Well, do not worry about this because custom essay writing service has plenty of experts that can deal with the short deadlines and still be able to provide you with a good quality essay. All you need to do is to place an order with the precise details to ensure that the writers are aware of what they are writing.

Another benefit of essay writing is that the essay will be completed on time hence leaving the customer with the opportunity to read it through as many times as possible. This will enable them to identify all the areas that need to be adjusted by the writer. Our writers are ever dedicated and ready to help the student until they get fully satisfied with the final essay. The best part about such adjustments is that the client will not pay for them, not unless in a situation whereby they have changed the initial instructions or require extra pages to be added.

On tips essay writing service, experts from WriteMyEssayForMe suggest that the student should place their order on time because the short deadline orders tend to be expensive. Such orders are treated as priority orders whereby the high price motivates the writers into working with the short deadlines. The experts have a lot of experience in working with the short deadlines and you should be guaranteed that they will write you the best paper. Make your custom paper order today, and you will not regret having spent your money on our services. The earlier you make your order in regard to the deadline, the cheaper you will pay, and the writers will have sufficient time to work on it and make adjustments were necessary.

Buy an essay online cheap at best custom writing service

24 Feb 19
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We know that college life can be overwhelming when it comes to handling the numerous assignments that are allocated to students. The students have short deadlines to meet in several courses. Given the fact that they have to score good grades, then they can choose to buy an essay online cheap. Our team members have experience in the different fields of writing, and therefore, they will be in a position to offer the best help possible within the required deadline. They have already compiled plenty of college papers in the past. Therefore, if you want essays online to buy, ensure that the quality of the paper matches the money that you are pay money for essay for it to be written. To get a premium quality paper, it is best to look for essays online to buy from the various trusted essay writing services.

Expertly written papers

You might end up being caught in various activities within the college and in turn, forget about upcoming deadlines only to remember them when it is already late. Do not get stressed about this because experts from EssayBasics got you covered. The writers have experience in carrying out extensive research in order to come up with neat writing on time. Therefore, no matter how short the deadline is, our experts will still provide timely and quality work. You do not have to rush and hand in a poor-quality essay for your class which could result in a poor grade. Hence, it is best to buy essay service for a guarantee of good quality work.

The convenience of buying an essay paper online

The convenience of buying an essay paper online

If you decide to buy cheap essay online, there are chances that you might get a poor-quality paper. Most of the essay writing services have standard charges per page and therefore, if the amount varies a lot, then the eligibility of the service becomes questionable. A low-quality paper can jeopardize your grades and, hence, it is important always to ensure that you get the best from your money. Before placing an order, find out as many details about the service as possible. Such details are obtained from the reviews section, and when satisfied, you can be able to buy the essay. Go through the services reviews to find out what other students had to say about the service. This will guide through deciding the best essay writing service that you will choose to use. You can also enquire from friends about the services that they have used before and the outcome that got from the service. This will prevent a student from wasting their money for a poor essay or fraudsters.

Reviews from clients

“I have been having a busy week in college only to realize that the deadline for my essay was drawing near. I had not started working on it yet, and I was scared of scoring a poor grade if I do the essay in a hurry. Someone informed me about this service, and I was happy to get a good quality essay within the short deadline. I was able to sleep again.”

Ann, imperial college London

“give this service a try, and you will not regret having to spend your money to order essay paper online. I needed an argumentative essay and did not even know where to start. However, getting my essay done was very easy. I just gave out all the precise details that needed to be included in the essay, chose a deadline and made a payment. I got a good quality essay back before the deadline that I had allocated. This service has been my life saver.”

Juliet, University of Manchester

We are your source

Students find it difficult to balance their college life with other fun activities because of the numerous assignments that they have to complete on time and still study for the final exams. Therefore, helping hand is necessary, and this is where our services come in. Order cheap essay online, and you will have plenty of time to relax your mind by having fun. You will also have plenty of time to study for the final exams to ensure that you score a good grade. Given the experience of our writers in offering the essay writing service, we match each of the projects to their qualifications. This is a guarantee that each of the papers will be written by an expert to bring out the best quality possible. Therefore, your narrative essay will be custom written to the exact specifications offered while argumentative essays will have clearly written pros and cons. Our services cover a wide range of schooling levels and hence, no matter your education level, we will be able to offer you the best essays. As well, our experts have excellent grammar and spelling skills, and you do not have to worry about a poorly written paper. They are also native English speakers and will guide through a quality paper. You can always ask for clarifications and a revision whenever anything is not clear. Our team will be out to help you achieve the best grade for your paper. Our revisions are free as long as you do not change the initial order instructions. Also, the customer support team is always available, and you can reach out to them whenever the need arises. Do not struggle with tight deadlines and volumes of assignments yet we can help you out at a small fee.

Best music for writing an essay

23 Jan 19
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When seeking to write a good music essay, it is important to let your emotion be carried by the type of music that you wish to write about. Connecting with the music would play a substantial role in helping the writer to understand the content and highlight the main areas that they will discuss.

Music help write an essay- Searching for best music for writing paper requires one to understand the culture, politics, romance and other genres that can be of help. Make sure to follow your feelings in order to see what you can be able to combine from the music. In addition, you do not have to be an expert in writing music essays. However, you can check out examples of music essays available across the internet for you to get an insight into how to go about it. The best essays are strong essays about music. Among them are an essay written from danceable music such as ” shake it off” by Taylor Swift, “can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake and “happy” by Pharrell Williams among others.

Music for writing a custom essay- I would love to focus much on music in writing this essay other than dance. In a situation whereby, artists do not write their music, then I don’t think it is much enjoyable as compared to a situation whereby an artist has written the music for themselves.

In addition, music for writing paper is different from music listened to for fun. Listen to every word of the music and get attached to it. Hence, it will be easy to write flowing ideas within the essay.

Best Music to Listen to when Writing an Essay

23 Jan 19
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Writing is one task that requires one’s mind to be attentive. As such when one is writing it is important to ensure that there are very few distractions. Music, however, has been proven to activate the brain, which is a good thing as far as essay writing goes. Nonetheless, not all types of music help write an essay.

Low Key

The best music for writing essay as shown by different research studies is low key music. This kind of music does not have a lot of noise, which means that it is possible for the individual writing the essay to concentrate on whatever he or she is writing. High volume and noisy music sometimes is not the best music for writing papers because it is highly distractive, which means that one does not get to focus fully on the writing assignment.


Having great instrumentals playing at the background as one writes an essay can serve as great music for writing essays. Instrumentals have a way of making one feel the need to go on writing even when the subject seems difficult to ace. At the same time, the fact that music activates the brain helps reduce writer’s block. Therefore, one can use instrumentals as music to help write an essay.

Inspirational Songs

Music has a way to speaking to heart, mind and soul. Inspirational music for writing papers can serve as a great motivator. Writing is not an easy task, hence, one needs to develop as much focus and concentration as possible. One of the best ways to attain this is through listening to inspirational music as it is likely to motivate one to keep writing no matter the boredom that is sometimes associated with the art of writing.

Education websites to teach you for free

20 Dec 18
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What are the best sites for students? Is it possible to get access to academic sites for students? These questions often strike the minds of students, and if you are one of them, then you have reached the right place as we will now give you an overview of the site suitable for free courses.


Coursera is one of those very few education websites to teach that have partnered with colleges and universities across the globe. It gives you an easy access to plenty of courses and programs, and you are given the freedom to choose a course of desire. You can enroll in as many courses as you want.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most reputable and well-versed websites, and this is the place where students get access to a large number of technical and non-technical courses. Khan Academy allows you to enroll in a program of your choice and provides in-depth learning materials needed during the studies.

Open Culture Online Courses

If you are struggling to find some outstanding courses and want to study online, then this is the right kind of place for you. Here you can get access to all types of courses and all subjects, as well as all class levels. You just have to create a student account and choose a course of desire. The next step is to begin studying from the comfort of your home.


Udemy is one of the most popular websites where you can get access to a large number of paid and free courses. Tutors upload their courses here, which are later accessed by students as per their requirements.