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Best music for writing an essay

23 Jan 19
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When seeking to write a good music essay, it is important to let your emotion be carried by the type of music that you wish to write about. Connecting with the music would play a substantial role in helping the writer to understand the content and highlight the main areas that they will discuss.

Music help write an essay- Searching for best music for writing paper requires one to understand the culture, politics, romance and other genres that can be of help. Make sure to follow your feelings in order to see what you can be able to combine from the music. In addition, you do not have to be an expert in writing music essays. However, you can check out examples of music essays available across the internet for you to get an insight into how to go about it. The best essays are strong essays about music. Among them are an essay written from danceable music such as ” shake it off” by Taylor Swift, “can’t stop the feeling” by Justin Timberlake and “happy” by Pharrell Williams among others.

Music for writing a custom essay- I would love to focus much on music in writing this essay other than dance. In a situation whereby, artists do not write their music, then I don’t think it is much enjoyable as compared to a situation whereby an artist has written the music for themselves.

In addition, music for writing paper is different from music listened to for fun. Listen to every word of the music and get attached to it. Hence, it will be easy to write flowing ideas within the essay.

Best Music to Listen to when Writing an Essay

23 Jan 19
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Writing is one task that requires one’s mind to be attentive. As such when one is writing it is important to ensure that there are very few distractions. Music, however, has been proven to activate the brain, which is a good thing as far as essay writing goes. Nonetheless, not all types of music help write an essay.

Low Key

The best music for writing essay as shown by different research studies is low key music. This kind of music does not have a lot of noise, which means that it is possible for the individual writing the essay to concentrate on whatever he or she is writing. High volume and noisy music sometimes is not the best music for writing papers because it is highly distractive, which means that one does not get to focus fully on the writing assignment.


Having great instrumentals playing at the background as one writes an essay can serve as great music for writing essays. Instrumentals have a way of making one feel the need to go on writing even when the subject seems difficult to ace. At the same time, the fact that music activates the brain helps reduce writer’s block. Therefore, one can use instrumentals as music to help write an essay.

Inspirational Songs

Music has a way to speaking to heart, mind and soul. Inspirational music for writing papers can serve as a great motivator. Writing is not an easy task, hence, one needs to develop as much focus and concentration as possible. One of the best ways to attain this is through listening to inspirational music as it is likely to motivate one to keep writing no matter the boredom that is sometimes associated with the art of writing.

Education websites to teach you for free

20 Dec 18
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What are the best sites for students? Is it possible to get access to academic sites for students? These questions often strike the minds of students, and if you are one of them, then you have reached the right place as we will now give you an overview of the site suitable for free courses.


Coursera is one of those very few education websites to teach that have partnered with colleges and universities across the globe. It gives you an easy access to plenty of courses and programs, and you are given the freedom to choose a course of desire. You can enroll in as many courses as you want.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most reputable and well-versed websites, and this is the place where students get access to a large number of technical and non-technical courses. Khan Academy allows you to enroll in a program of your choice and provides in-depth learning materials needed during the studies.

Open Culture Online Courses

If you are struggling to find some outstanding courses and want to study online, then this is the right kind of place for you. Here you can get access to all types of courses and all subjects, as well as all class levels. You just have to create a student account and choose a course of desire. The next step is to begin studying from the comfort of your home.


Udemy is one of the most popular websites where you can get access to a large number of paid and free courses. Tutors upload their courses here, which are later accessed by students as per their requirements.